Written by Renata Switala
Published: 3 years ago Place: Poland
The company, which gave me the opportunity. That you owe growth, change in attitude, a change of thinking and change MONEY !!! Thank you!!! I think that more words are unnecessary ... I am HAPPY that you are !!!
Written by Edwin Plenzler
Published: 3 years ago Place: Leszno, Poland
Global InterGold a store that showed me my partner. A few months before joining the program planned to buy investment gold in the bank. Here I can earn it through marketing efforts. That convinced me. I prefer to receive a bonus and a fortune to build than to buy the bank. You are brilliant THANK YOU!!!
Written by Roxanne Marie Pada Miyazaki
Published: 3 years ago Place: Suwa, Japan
OMG!!! i like very shocked when i see gig announcement about SEC registration, it feels like HEAVEN... ❤ i was like .. WHAT? REALLY? OMG!! this is what we have been waiting for the whole time ❤ and everyone is very excited about it, FINALLY!! Thank you GOD!!!
Plus having the first ever event in the Philippines is pretty exciting!! ^_^ although most of the client can't go to Cebu to attend conference coz its a lil bit expensive to some of them to fly back and forth, but having a conference in Philippines it really means so much to all of us Filipino's ^_^ not only filipinos in Philippines... but also Filipino's around the world ❤ Thank you so much gig for your... Read more
Written by Okty Saptarini
Published: 3 years ago Place: Jakarta, Indonesia
I joined with Global InterGold since the end of March 2016, I follow a process that starts how to build the structure and plan with a lot of hard work to actually do it, we'll boost our long lasting and sustainable income. Indonesia is a big opportunity for this business.
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